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The Unbreakable Bond of Rikki and Pettiya: A Boho Rustic Noosa Wedding to Remember - Wedding Film

Rain Couldn't Dampen This Love Story

Love has a mysterious way of bringing people together. Seven years ago, destiny introduced Rikki and Pettiya in an unexpected setting—a share house. Pettiya's housemates chose Rikki for her while she was away, starting a love story that was written by fate. Their wedding in Noosa showcased how unbreakable their bond truly is. Even a little rain couldn't dampen the joy and laughter on this unforgettable day.

Boho Rustic Vibes

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Noosa, the wedding was imbued with a boho rustic vibe that resonated with the couple's unique style. The enchanting moments were filled with grace, heartfelt emotions, and of course, love.

Key Moments to Cherish

Joel at Wrapped Up Media had the honour of capturing every magical moment in this beautiful Noosa location. Whether it was the couple's deeply meaningful vows, the emotional toasts, or the laughter shared among friends and family, every scene was a testament to the love and devotion that Rikki and Pettiya share.

The Extraordinary Vendors

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the vendors who added a touch of magic to every detail:

  • Photography: @ALittleBitSnappy

  • Venue: @Noosa_Waterfront_Restaurant

  • Dress: @GraceLovesLace

  • Florist: @MondoFloralDesigns

  • Hair and Makeup: @AylouaHairDesign

  • Cake: @Chocolate2Chilli

  • Celebrant: @Lauren_Stephenz

  • DJ: @JamieValeMusic

  • Rings: @RobbieChapmanJewellery

  • Coordinator: Monique from @LoveBirdWeddings


Rain or shine, Rikki and Pettiya proved that love always prevails. If you wish to relive the enchanting moments of their boho rustic Noosa wedding, feel free to check out the wedding film we've prepared for them. A big cheers to Rikki and Pettiya for letting us be a part of their incredible journey.


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