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From Fate to Forever: Michelle and Kelvin's Wedding Highlights Filmed at Osteria, Casuarina

There are some love stories that are simply unforgettable, and Michelle and Kelvin's tale is one for the books. Filming this wedding was particularly special for me, as I've known Michelle personally. The couple's special day unfolded at the stunning Osteria venue in Casuarina, embodying the essence of romantic destiny and was captured by Byron Bay Wedding Videographer, Wrapped Up Film Co.

A Love Story Two Decades in the Making

Their love story began nearly 20 years ago at a youth camp at Hastings Point, near to the very spot the couple got hitched. After going their separate ways post-high school, fate orchestrated a reunion that led to Kelvin popping the question in late 2017 during a romantic beach proposal. Michelle said yes, and here we are, celebrating their unity.

A Day Filled with Personal Touches

The couple took the wedding to a new level by opening a whiskey bar at 9 pm, delighting their guests with an array of premium selections. Adding a quirky twist, they also set up a party recovery table, complete with fun novelties to keep the celebration going.

The Venue & Special Moments

Osteria in Casuarina was the perfect blend of elegance and charm, offering a dreamy but intimate backdrop for their big day. But what truly set this wedding apart was the couple's decision to have their location shoot at Hastings Point Lookout, a place near and dear to their hearts.

The Talented Team

Capturing these magical moments was Figtree Photography, who worked in tandem with us to document every detail. Sarah Archer graced the occasion with her musical talent, adding the perfect acoustic touch to the celebration.

The Wedding Film

This wedding film serves as a tangible keepsake of Michelle and Kelvin's enduring love, a love that stood the test of time and circumstance. We're so honoured to have been part of this magical day.

Thank you, Michelle and Kelvin, for letting Wrapped Up Media play a role in your extraordinary day. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness and serendipitous moments!

If you're looking to capture your special day on film, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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