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Celebrating Love: Stacey and Connor's Beautiful Wedding Film at Sandstone Point Hotel

The stunning backdrop of Sandstone Point Hotel bore witness to Stacey and Connor's heartfelt commitment to each other in a spectacular celebration captured brilliantly through the lens of Sunshine Coast Wedding Videographer, Wrapped Up Media, and Kayla Temple Photography. As the golden hues of the sun kissed the day with warmth, the atmosphere buzzed with joy, love, and anticipation, setting a perfect canvas for the special day.

A Day to Remember

From the first rays of sunshine to the gentle glow of the moon, every moment was meticulously captured, painting a vivid picture of the love and connection that Stacey and Connor share. The day unfolded gracefully, with each snapshot portraying a symphony of love that echoed through the vibrant locations and picturesque grounds of the Sandstone Point Hotel.

The Venue: Sandstone Point Hotel

Located on the waterfront, the Sandstone Point Hotel offers breathtaking views and a tranquil setting that is nothing short of a paradise for couples pledging their eternal love for each other. The lush green landscapes, coupled with views of Bribie Island, provided a dreamy and romantic backdrop for Stacey and Connor's nuptials.

Captured Through the Lens of Kayla Temple Photography

Every tender kiss, the shared laughs, and even the nervous jitters were beautifully captured through the creative lens of Kayla Temple Photography. Kayla's innate ability to capture the subtle, yet profound moments that define a wedding day, was evident in each frame, portraying a timeless romance that echoed with the whispers of forever.

Timeless Moments

The ceremony was a seamless fusion of tradition and contemporary elegance, where the couple exchanged vows amidst family and friends who bore witness to this beautiful union. Stacey was a vision of grace in her bridal gown, which echoed the timeless beauty of the surroundings, while Connor looked dashing, embodying the joy and anticipation of the day.

A Celebration of Love

As the day transitioned into a starlit evening, the newlyweds and their guests danced the night away, carving out memories filled with love, joy, and sheer happiness. Every heartbeat, every smile, and every joyous toast was a testament to a love that was pure, unyielding, and infinitely beautiful.


Stacey and Connor's wedding day was not just a celebration; it was a vivid painting of love captured frame by frame, depicting a journey of love that is deep, passionate, and truly magical. As they step into this new chapter of their lives, the beautiful memories encapsulated in the wedding film will forever be a reminder of the incredible journey that awaits them.

Here's to Stacey and Connor, a couple whose love story is as enchanting as the most beautiful sunrise, bringing warmth and light to everyone fortunate enough to witness their love. May their journey ahead be filled with countless moments of happiness, love, and togetherness, as they build a life filled with beautiful tomorrows.


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