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Katie and Arman: A Rain-Soaked Fairytale Wedding at Praise Mountain Farm - wedding film

Weathering the Storm, Together

The headline might not immediately conjure up images of a dream wedding, but Katie and Arman's celebration defied all expectations. Despite torrential rains, their special day at Praise Mountain Farm was one for the books. It was a lesson in perspective: even when the skies opened up, Katie and Arman embraced the moment, chasing epic shots we're thrilled to have captured.

A Silver Lining to a Cloudy Day

The rain wasn't just a minor inconvenience; it turned into a beautiful backdrop. A soft mist enveloped the farm's field of horses, transforming the setting into a fairytale landscape you'd expect to see only in cinema. Yet, the true magic lay in Katie and Arman's palpable love for each other—a love that made every shot worthwhile.

A Treasure for Future Generations

When Katie and Arman first booked with us, they mentioned their desire to create a timeless memento. They envisioned a film that would be cherished by their future children and looked back on fondly for years to come. We are honoured to be part of their ongoing love story and capture those special memories.

Ready the Tissues and Press Play

Before you dive into Katie and Arman's 15-minute wedding film, we recommend grabbing a box of tissues—you're going to need them. Captured intimately by Brisbane Wedding Videographer, Wrapped Up Media.


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