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Horses, rain, mud = the dream wedding film

Probably doesn't sound like your typical dreamy wedding day by that title! But Katie and Arman’s amazing day at Praise Mountain Farm had us capturing some of the most incredible location shoot footage we've captured in over 10 years. It all comes down to perspective sometimes, and Katie and Arman were keen to get some epic shots, despite the insane amounts of water falling from the sky.

The result of the wet day was a soft mist that blanketed the field of horses, that gave off a fairytale look only seen in the movies. But rain aside, the love these two had for each other was so evident. We had the best time with these guys and would do it all again in a heartbeat.

When they first booked, Katie and Arman told me they would like to capture some of the special memories of their day on film so they can show our future children, and have something beautiful to look back on in the future. We're so pleased to be able to be part of their journey.

Check out Katie and Arman's 15-minute feature film, but before you do, get the tissues ready!

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