Your Personalised Package


Your wedding day is unique and your wedding film package should be too. 


There are two things that we're advocates for when it comes to the money side of things:

1. Transparency upfront. Imagine this, you email someone asking for prices, then they ask you what you want, you go back and forwards for a while, only to set up a meeting with them a week later, you meet and you get an hour long sales pitch before realising they are WAY out of your budget. Well I personally wouldn't love that and I know plenty of couples that have gone through exactly this. It's just not my style, so all of my costs are below in all their glory. We both just saved lots of time, hooray! I'd still love to meet and get to know you, promise there's no sales pitch :)

2. Freedom to choose what's included in your package perfectly suit your day. Your wedding is never going to be the same as cousin Bill's, so why would we assume your wedding film package would be the same as his? My personalised package form below gives you the freedom to build a custom package and get a live price, so you can easily stay on top of that budget and get that perfect film!