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Wrapped Up Film Co. is an award winning Brisbane wedding videographer with over 10 years of experience. We strictly limit bookings each year so we can meticulously craft your film with our full attention.

Your wedding day only happens once in a lifetime and passes in what feels like a moment, but together, we can make it last forever.

Servicing Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Northern NSW, all of Queensland and Australia.

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Why hire a wedding videographer?

Let’s be honest, videography is usually an afterthought. Most couples figure out their photography and then wonder whether they should add video. However, what I hear most often is they’re so glad they opted to include it and that it was actually their favourite decision they made in the planning of their wedding. Hearing your vows again and being able to share the event with those that couldn’t attend are the two biggest reasons.


Take a guess at what the biggest regret couples have after their wedding is. You got it... research shows that not opting to include wedding videography is the number one regret of couples that didn't include it. 


There’s something so special about seeing those intimate moments in such an immersive way, allowing you to relive the emotions you felt on the day, as if you were back there again, standing at the end of that aisle, looking into each other's eyes. I guess the question you would need to ask yourself is, would you rather see stills from your favourite movie or watch the full thing?

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Wedding videography Coffs Harbour
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Award winning wedding videographer

I can't wait to hear from you!

With packages starting from just $2300, and limited bookings available each year, our calendar fills up fast.


Get in touch today to reserve your date. I can't wait to hear from you!

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